$ 14.00
PER CAN x 12 months is $168.00 per bin annually
Every month/ Weather Permitting for 12 cleanings
$ 17.00
PER CAN every 2 months is $102.00 per bin annually
Every 2 months/ Weather Permitting for 6 cleanings
$ 20.00
PER CAN every 3 months is $80.00 per bin annually
Every 3 months/ Weather Permitting for 4 cleanings
This is offered January, April, July, October
$ 22.00
2 Cleans Per Year
PER CAN is 44.00 per bin annually
$ 25.00
One time cleaning $25.00 One off cleaning, any additional cleanings charged separately. If choosing one time cleaning and you have 3 bins. All 3 bins will need to be empty so we can clean them the same day.

Booking a subscription gives you the best pricing, payment on subscription will be required up front to allow these great deals. This allows optimal savings that can be passed on to you the consumer. You may call and book without a subscription as well, but you will not see the same savings as a subscription. And please don’t be afraid, we have the ability to refund if you decide to cancel the subscription.

Not sure which plan is best for you? Try us out with a one time cleaning and see how long before they need cleaning again. Call us back within three months to start a regular maintenance plan and your 1st cleaning on the new plan is FREE for trying us out!  Regular cleanings are how we keep the STINK OUT!!


We accept all forms of payment. With credit card you can pay with the Jobber App.

If you wish to use etransfer our email for that is:


 First time cleanings are considerably longer and use more water than subsequent cleanings. With a subscription plan, this cost is divided over a longer term.
If you cancel a recurring service after the first cleaning, you authorize VI Trash Pandas Cleaning Inc. to charge the credit card on file for the difference between the recurring service price selected and the published one time service price. 


MURB (Multi Unit Residential Buildings) Group cleanings

Think your community would enjoy our service? While we offer incredible pricing on an individual basis, the savings can be even greater with a group cleaning.  We offer discounted rates for groups of all sizes based on the number of participating homes and bins.

​To receive custom pricing for your group, call us today or mention you would like MURB or group cleaning in the comments section of the contact form with the estimated number of participants. Our team will respond with custom pricing, potential service dates and any special instructions.


Contact us for pricing on commercial services.

We can clean dumpsters, clean and disinfect grocery carts and we specialize in vacuum recovery surface cleaning and preparation. Please feel free to make us part of your team! Our commercial service provides the same high standard in sanitation as our residential users. Ideally suited for:

Restaurants &
Fast Food

HOAs &


Hospitals &
Care Homes

Golf courses

Office Buildings

Retail Stores