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Order Service

You can order online or give us a call. You will receive an email within 48 hours with your scheduled trash bin cleaning date. We will endeavor to clean your bins on the regular garbage day, However we will ask you to leave your bins curbside until we text you that the service is complete. We are capable of cleaning two bins simultaneously, which makes the trash bin cleaning experience quick and easy. We do our best to follow the garbage routes to ensure your bin is empty, however we cannot control the garbage companies and may have to show up the following day, so please leave the bins curbside until we advise you they are clean.

Service Day

Our workers will arrive at your home, please leave your bins in a visible spot curbside or roadside in the country where the garbage trucks usually pick them up. We will clean, the inside and outside of your bins with fresh water that is heated to 190° utilizing 3000psi high pressure with specially designed nozzles. If there is any debris left in the bin, it will be re-bagged and placed back in your bin after our thorough cleaning. Then sanitize and disinfect the outside lids and handles, and apply our tried and true air freshener.
All of the water used in the cleaning is contained and run through our 17 stage filtration system and recycled for re-use. Any gray water is disposed of according to regulations.
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Clean Disinfect and Deodorize

Our Specially designed 360°cleaning heads blast water at over 190° which will remove dirt and debris from within your trash bin. We pair this process with a disinfectant which we apply to eliminate germs and bacteria. We pressure wash the outside and lid. Now that your trash bin has been cleaned, sanitized and disinfected, we hand-spray a deodorizer. We are almost done. Then comes the secret weapon. The air freshener.


Finally, we check for cleanliness and to let you know we were there. You will receive a text message with a photo advising you that we attended to your bins. Your trash bins are then left on the roadway to finish drying. Your service is now complete.