Barry and Maria

About Us

Barry and Maria are from Errington, Maria was born and raised in the Coombs, Errington area. Barry is a retired RCMP member and together we recognized the need for this service in the area, We are family orientated, are straight forward and always looking to help. We recognized a need on the island for our service, the need for a specialized recycling system as opposed to always running out of water and having lots of waste water.
We did not settle on just any system as there are several out there. Being from the island we also know of the environmental impacts we are having on our eco system. So we only settled for the best system, which recycles the used water through a 17 stage filtration system and keeps waste to a bare minimum. This will ensure we do not harm our eco system. Any additional waste is kept of onboard and is disposed of according to regulations.
Our family is working to have a long working relationship with the folks on Vancouver Island.
Also of note is we offer a vacuum recovery surface cleaning unit like no other, which recovers all the wastewater we use to clean. We can clean the inside of the garage, sidewalks, driveways and any other concrete surfaces. We can provide a hassle free, no mess solution for your cleaning and surface prepping needs. We can surface clean inside, outside and under your big commercial bins as well, to keep the smells and bacteria at bay.
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Barry and Maria


The Mission of VI Trash Pandas Cleaning Inc is to provide bin management and environmentally friendly proper bin cleaning and surface preparation services and to promote recycling in order to ensure a safe and healthy community for current and future generations
Barry and Maria

Vision Statement

Using a patented waste water recovery system that safely manages waste, recycles resources and protects the environment for Vancouver Island residents and businesses.